In February, we invited schools to participate in a research project aimed at using artificial intelligence to enhance the feedback provided to students on their creative writing. Students submitted a piece of fiction and our AI system provided feedback on the plot, character development, genre, and setting. We also offered prizes to the best three stories as identified by the AI system. We are excited to announce the results as follows:

Gold Award: The Summoning of Eyes

(George Watsons College, by pupil A)

The unique premise of ghost summoning with a mix of humour and horror creates a compelling read. The character’s voice is distinctive and the narrative is engaging, particularly with its vivid descriptions and the twist of Steven’s character revealing deeper layers. We loved this story and The Summoning of Eyes is a worthy winner of Achieve’s 2024 Gold Award for creative writing.

Read: Summoning of Eyes

Silver Award: A Quest

(Ardnamurchan High School, by pupil M)

This fantasy tale is rich with inventive elements and its light-hearted tone and the classic quest structure provides a fun and engaging story. It also has a nice twist at the end! The Quest was a worthy winner of Achieve’s 2024 Silver Award for creative writing.

Read A Quest

Silver Award: Beyond Time’s Veil

(Newbattle High School, by pupil L)

This story stands out with its imaginative setting, a complex plot that explores time travel, and the development of a deep and meaningful relationship between characters from different worlds. The themes of friendship, understanding, and the quest to preserve humanity add layers of depth to the narrative. A worthy winner of Achieve’s 2024 Silver Award for Creative Writing.

Read: Beyond Time's Veil

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