ACHIEVE for Students

Student Licences

There are two different types of student account.

School Student Licence - ACHIEVE is free to any student attending a school which already has a licence. Just sign up for a Student School account and enter the code your school has provided.

Home User Licence - If your school doesn’t have an ACHIEVE licence, you can still access all the features of the program with a Home User account. Sign up now and take advantage of our free 7-day trial.

Benefits of a student account

  • Study and revise using our digital textbooks which cover a wide range of National 5 and Higher courses.
  • Test your subject knowledge with interactive assessments that give you instant feedback.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses for each of your courses using the self-evaluation toolkit.
  • Extend your learning using the free web links put together by our team of subject specialists.
  • Develop your exam technique by trying SQA past paper questions and solutions.
Achieve for Students
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